Product Overview


PowerConnect© sends important information about what’s going on inside your SAP system, in near real time to Splunk allowing you to meet security compliance requirements, Reduce P1 issues by 30% and reduce MTTR by 70% on your mission critical applications and systems.

Architecture Overview


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RHONDOS Whitepaper: SAP Migration to AWS

Example Use Cases


Security & Compliance

SAP Data Analyzed

  • User login attempts

  • User location

  • System log

Insights Provided

  • Successful & failed user logins.

  • Geographic view of system usage.

  • Anomalies in system log, e.g. increased message frequency.

  • UI details e.g. versions.


Processes Monitoring

SAP Data Analyzed

  • Batch job execution

  • IDOC & Change documents processing

  • PI/PO message processing

Insights Provided

  • Status of critical business processes.

  • Business process context via IDOC content, e.g. sales data or PO without PR.


Solution Performance

SAP Data Analysed

  • SAP transaction STAD

  • SAP server availability

Insights Provided

  • Real-time and historic view of load and response by user, transaction code or any field in the dataset

  • Availability of SAP solution components.



SAP Data Analysed

  • HANA SQL Queries Collection (note 1969700)

  • HANA health & consistency checks

Insights Provided

  • HANA database status

  • Real-time and historic performance data


PowerConnect© for SAP Features


Extract high-fidelity, real-time and historic SAP telemetry data ready for analysis and visualization in Splunk.


With Pre-built Splunk Dashboards and certified consultants available to
customize your alerts and monitoring the ROI is typically over 500%.


Comes with a rich set of pre-build panels and dashboards providing you insights into you SAP solution from day one.


Mobility enabled – Can be combined with Splunk mobile access to enable visibility on all touch and tablet devices.


Only SAP-certified SAP to Splunk connector in the market from NW 7.0-7.5 as well as S/4 HANA.


Highly graphical interface supporting all visualisations available in Splunk.


Highly customizable functionality – Easily adapted to collect any metric
via function module.

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We are using BNW’s PowerConnect© to extract iPhone 10 sales data from our SAP ECC system and correlated the sales information with device activation data from our mobile towers in real-time. The resulting insights helped us to gain a better understanding of our customer buying behaviours.

Having started only a few weeks earlier, we got the PowerConnect solution ready for the major sales campaign thanks to rapid deployment option and pre-delivered content of PowerConnect
— US Telecommunications Provider
PowerConnect for Splunk gives us greater insight into the internal operation of SAP both forensically and in real-time. We can see live performance metrics, and also a high level of granularity in historic detail spanning months or years on demand.
— Guy Rosvall, Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations Manager (PACT Group)


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